Manufacturer Trade Name Grade No Specialities Origin Document
 LyondellBasell Moplen HP500N General Purpose, MFR = 12 Thailand
 LyondellBasell Moplen HP644T MFR = 60; High Stiffness, TWIM Grade Thailand
 LyondellBasell Moplen HP740T MFR = 60; High Stiffness, TWIM Grade Korea
 TPP Globalene (Profax) PC366-3 MFR = 3; Film Extrusion and Injection Grade Taiwan
 TPP Globalene (Profax) 6331 MFR = 14.5; No Oder Transfer Grade Taiwan
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP1304 E1 General Purpose, MFR = 11 Saudi Arabia
 Sabic Sabic 500P General Purpose, MFR = 3 Saudi Arabia
 Sabic Sabic 571P General Purpose, MFR = 11 Saudi Arabia
 Sabic Sabic 575P General Purpose, MFR = 15 Saudi Arabia
 Sabic Sabic 578P General Purpose, MFR = 15 Saudi Arabia
 IRPC Polene 1100NK General Purpose, MFR = 11 Thailand
 IRPC Polene 1126NK MFR = 11; Film Grade Thailand
 TPC Cosmoplene Y101H MFR = 11; RTI=120℃, Heat Stable Grade Singapore
 KPIC Yuhwa Polypro HJ 4012 MFR = 14; RTI=140℃, High Cystallinity Grade Korea
 Block Copolymer
 LyondellBasell Moplen EP332K MFR = 5; RTI=115℃, Heat Stable Grade Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen EP300H MFR = 2; High Impact, Blow Molding Grade Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen E120J MFR = 11; Anti-Static, Fast Cycle, TWIM Grade Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen EP649N MFR = 10; High Gloss, Good Stiffness and Impact Balance, Excellent antiStatic Property Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen EP640V MFR = 100; High Stiffness, Low Warpage Korea
 TPP Globalene (Profax) 7533 MFR = 5; RTI = 115℃, Heat Stable Grade Taiwan
 TPP Globalene (Profax) 7633 MFR = 2; RTI = 115℃, Heat Stable Grade Taiwan
 TPP Globalene (Profax) 7633U MFR = 1.8, Super High Impact Grade Taiwan
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP7032 E2 General Purpose, MFR = 4.5 Singapore
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP7032 E3 General Purpose, MFR = 4.5 Singapore
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP7033 E3 General Purpose, MFR = 8 Singapore
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP7033 N MFR = 9; RTI=120℃, High Stiffness, High Gloss Singapore
 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil PP7675KE2 MFR = 40; High Stiffness, High Gloss, UL 94 HB Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AV161 General Purpose, MFR = 5 Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AW161 MFR = 9; General Purpose Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AW564 MFR = 9; Good Stiffness and Impact Balance Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AW564H MFR = 9; RTI = 120℃, Heat Stable Grade Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AY564 MFR = 16; High Stiffness Grade Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AR564 MFR = 24; High Impact Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AZ564 MFR = 30; Well Balance Stiffness and Impact Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AX764 MFR = 50; High Stiffness, TWIM Grade Singapore
 TPC Cosmoplene AS164 MFR = 1.2; High FDI, Extrusion & Blow Molding Grade Singapore
 Random Copolymer
 LyondellBasell Moplen RP348N General Purpose, MFR = 12 Korea / Thailand
 LyondellBasell Moplen RP344N MFR = 12; High Transparency Grade Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen RP348S MFR = 35; High Stiffness,Film and Injection Grade (DVD case) Thailand
 LyondellBasell Stretchene RP441N MFR = 10; Comply with Chinese Food Packing Standard: GB9693-88 Korea
 LyondellBasell Clyrell RC5003 MFR = 13; Very Excellent Transparency Grade Korea
 LyondellBasell Moplen RP5004 MFR = 1.6; Excellent Transparency, Extrusion Grade Korea
 TPP Globalene (Profax) ST611M MFR = 1.8, High FDI, Blow Molding Grade Taiwan
 TPP Globalene (Profax) ST866M MFR = 6.5; Printable Grade Taiwan
 TPP Globalene (Profax) ST868M General Purpose, MFR = 12 Taiwan
 TPC Cosmoplene Z433 General Purpose, MFR = 20 Singapore
 SK Chem Yuplene R370Y General Purpose, MFR = 18 Korea
 IRPC Polene 3342M General Purpose, MFR = 9 Thailand
 IRPC Polene 3342R General Purpose, MFR = 20 Thailand